She's Back! Time for #LunchWithLail!

Hello IYD Friends! 

I'm back (that's me with the giant balloon, #thanksTargetdollarspot) from blogging hiatus and I'm here to stay (as long as I keep paying my amazing virtual assistant to kick my butt AND keep my butt in gear!).  

How do you all feel about #LunchwithLail on Tuesdays and Fridays? I'm thinking that's a good start.  It's something to read on your lunch break or in your car on your phone if you find a moment. So enjoy today's first #LunchwithLail blog post!

Who is Lail? Well that's me, my last name to be exact. I'm Owner and Lead Planner of IYD. Read more about my team and I, here. What better way to kick it off by quickly updating you prior to what feels like (however doesn't even measure up to) the craziest month of my life. 

The next Month of my life is the start of the It's Your Day #WEDDINGSEASON!  Which means every weekend for the next 4 weekends, I'll have what people in my industry refer to as a "wedding hangover."  It's hell(whoops).  It's not like a drinking hangover, it's WORSE.  WAY WORSE. You feel as if someone hit you with a motorized vehicle.  Then you feel like that vehicle specifically ran over your feet, possibly bumped you in the hips and back too.  Oh you are so thirsty, and so tired.  You seriously feel like a camel laying on the couch or bed making sounds that are questionable to others and they say "why do you put yourself through this every wedding? Well people it's because we're junkies.  We LOVE the high we get from helping others on their BEST DAY EVER!  It's so much fun and SO WORTH IT.  The look on the couples faces, the appreciation of the family, and so much more.  If you aren't getting these responses, maybe you should read one of my upcoming blogs on an ideal client.  It will be helpful, and make you appreciate yourself more because you're being appreciated.  

That being said, to pay my respects to the wedding hangover Gods, I'd like to thank the following in advance for helping me survive the next month of my life: 

-Propel, Powerade Zero, and Premier Protein Shakes.

-Google Drive/Docs/Sheets.

-My AMAZING team.

-My AMAZING clients.

-God (because at some points, I'm going to need him to carry me).

-My SUV, heyyyy-o finally a proper vehicle for weddings.

-David(my boyfriend) for putting up with my crankiness, hangry attitude, and inability to finish 4 of the next wedding weekends with a glass of wine and/or pizza but instead Crystal Light in a wine glass.

-The awesome vendors I get to work with.

-My comfy shoes (Birkenstocks, Vionics, Sketchers Memory Foam!)

Those things will definitely help me survive the next 6 weeks.  Or so I hope they do.  I'm also sad to go back to work next week after being off for 5 weeks. (Wait....yup you read that right, off for 5 weeks.  I'll explain that more later....and didn't you know I work full time in addition to this business? because I do. And I'll talk more about that later too!) Like I was saying...if I could read books, walk the dog, take care of myself, enjoy the company of friends and family without being rushed off to the next event, then I'd be really set. However I'm grateful to have a job to go back to and although this time has flown by(swoosh sound effect goes here) I have learned some new habits to help me manage and juggle everything in my life (HUGE WIN overall!). My recovery has been nothing short of amazing. As I enjoy my last free Monday and last free week, I am so humbled by every person in my life and so grateful for all the immeasurable blessings in my life.

If you see me in May, consider yourself lucky.  To my brides, I'm sooooo excited to celebrate with you!  Let's get this party started this weekend at Stover Hall in Luray, Va. 

I'm eating some shredded chicken with bbq sauce for lunch, what are you all eating or doing for lunch today?  Till next time ya'll!


Jessica Lail

It's Your Day Wedding Coordinator, Harrisonburg, VA, USA