What's On Your Plate for 2018?

It's Holiday season 2017!  It's here and there is no turning back and I'm embracing it this year.  If you really know me, you know I've not really enjoyed or loved Christmas the last 6 years or so.  No one really knew why I didn't like the holidays, me included.  I just always said I liked Fourth of July more, which is not a lie, I really do.  I LOVE fireworks, Summer, ice cream, red/white/blue colors, and my mom or grandmas American flag Jello Pudding Cake...(Google that and make it immediately if you don't know what I mean!)  I can now reflect back and see that there was a season of my life where emptiness and hurt consumed me prior to and during the holidays and I just never wanted to enjoy or love Christmas the same way as I did before, I didn't want to enjoy it because if something like that happened again, I didn't want to ruin the holidays again.  We do this a lot in our lives, we live in the "maybes" and the "what ifs" and it is so critical that we don't.  It's so much better to live in the "now" and the "one day soon" instead.  I realize now that I love Christmas, always have and always will.  I can't let things that happened in the past control my future, I have to learn to let it go and live in the now.  

 Delicious plated salad by Roadside Chive from Brittany and Joe's wedding at Keswick Vineyard.  Photo by Katie Lea Photography. 

Delicious plated salad by Roadside Chive from Brittany and Joe's wedding at Keswick Vineyard.  Photo by Katie Lea Photography. 


I have been storing Blog Ideas as they come to me over the last year so that I can blog more actively in 2018 - it's something I really enjoy and want to do, but have had a difficult time starting.  I'm going to attempt it one more time before I give up.  I don't give up easily,  but also I have a voice for sharing and influencing others in a positive way and I'm grateful for that gift and want to put it to good use.  

Tonight I was looking through my past Blog ideas I've been saving in my email and I found myself writing this one back in 2015(uh yes like 2 years ago) about my goals for 2016.  Here's what I wrote to myself.

"I read the best quote today. "I can't cry about having a lot on my plate when my goal was to eat." Being a #BossLady is NEVER easy, and if anyone tells you it is, boy are they wrong.

Everyone(including myself) always say how busy I am, and while I'm grateful to be busy, I truly HATE saying it. I feel like it means I'm TOO busy to be doing what I am supposed to be doing, or that I'm missing out. Well..truth is, I am! My goal for 2016 is to live a more INTENTIONAL life for myself and for the ones I love. Some people are so caught up in worrying about what others think and how to make others happy. As most people know, the happiness of others, is a CORE principle in my life. I think it's important to pay it forward, smile at strangers, and do acts of kindness. I do NOT think it's important to worry about what's being said, done, and believed by others if it does not make you happy.

Slavery by definition is to be exhausted from labor and restricted in freedom. I'm tired of not doing things for ME and I'm done with being restricted in what I get to do and not do." 

I read this a few times.  For starters, my mind is blown because 2016 is the year I decided to pursue my weight loss surgery.  Weird coincidence what that quote really stood for me, especially now.  Physically, my plate can't be that full or else I'll get sick.  I learned that quickly after having surgery.  Secondly, how did I know then that I would need to read this very thing 2 years later and that it would help me SO much to prep for the next year while positively reflecting on the last year?  And to top it all off, you guys(!!!), in 2017 -- I DID IT.  I made ME a priority.  I made CHOICES to impact my life in a positive way.  I was NOT a slave to my life or my business.  I was in fact a hero, my own hero.  I gave myself new opportunities.  I lost 100 lbs and gained confidence and joy I forgot I could even have in my life.  I paid off debts, I spent more time with family and friends, I made time to cook and go to the gym (two things I actually enjoy but struggle making time for/prioritizing!).  It was overall a great year and I'm so grateful and proud as I reflect on it.  Is there room for improvement? YES Will I always grow and improve? DOUBLE YES. (Is Double Yes a thing? Ha, It is now...)

That being said, be prepared to hear me talk a LOT about "intentional" living in 2018.  I had already decided before reading this note from 2015, that I'm making 2018 a much more intentional year for my health, my relationships, and my business.  I'm going to be sharing how I'm using the Cultivate What Matters #Powersheets to embrace these goals too.  As each birthday passes(March 25 in case you are curious, where are my Aries babies at?), I really learn what's important in life and I can tell you now, bottom line is that it's not THINGS.  It's definitely not the house or the car or the purse or the vacation.  It's the people and the passion and the pleasure you get in life.  The 3 P's is what I'll refer to them as in 2018.  

I'll leave you all with this bit of advice and I'll be sure to use it as a reminder for myself.  What's on your plate for 2018?  If you're goal is to "eat" (insert whatever you want in place of eat - invest more in retirement, learn to make sushi, make your health a priority), and you fill your plate up with those things in additional to things that aren't as exciting/desirable; be sure to prioritize what's on your plate and carefully select what you can and can't eat.  You should put things on your plate that you want and/or need and is good for you; and don't fill your plate until you're sure of what those things are.  Don't beat yourself up if you run out of room on your plate or you're too full, you are NOT super-human no matter how hard you try.  I love New Years because it's my Anniversary with David but guess what, you can start new every single day if you want.  So if your plate doesn't look how it should, make some changes and start over again!  You've got this, I promise.  

XOXO Ya'll - let's do this!


Jessica Lail

It's Your Day Wedding Coordinator, Harrisonburg, VA, USA