Bursting Into Bloom Part I

I am reading a book right now that makes me want to have a highlighter in hand for every single page.  It's called "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of "Eat.Pray.Love." Its an easy read for those of you who don't enjoy reading on the regular like myself.  My friend Margaret gave it to me for surgery recovery(haven't blogged about that yet but will soon!) and I'm so glad she did.  I am on an airplane right now and just sat the book down to write this post for y'all for tomorrow.  I can't wait to share some of the insight and quotes that this book is filled with, it all resonates so well with me as a creative and just for me as a person altogether.  For now however I wanted to bring you all up to speed on my jobs. Yes plural. 


I am on this airplane because I have meetings this week in Chicago.  I mentioned in my last blog that I work full time in addition to weddings, and I work for a Technology and Education company that is the industry leader for mobile apps, websites, and other communication systems and tools, if I named it, you'd definitely know it.  I try to keep these things separate because they are different right? Education & Technology vs. Wedding planning? In my line of work however they are almost identical in regards to job skills. 


At my company I am a Senior Consultant/Project Manager.  As a project manager I have clients/accounts which are school districts all over the United States that I engage with and coach through the process of setting up their purchased products and going "live," which means actually using them.  I am a partner and advocate for the client/account internally with the relationships I have with other coworkers to help schedule their trainings, I attend meetings to update records accordingly, and I have mutually agreed upon timelines and agendas to create, manage, and execute. Some accounts are more challenging than others but all are rewarding when we reach the final destination.  Sounds somewhat familiar to a Wedding Planner, doesn't it??


As a wedding planner I have clients and their wedding details. I help plan, manage, and execute the timelines and agendas for the event.  Depending on the client I schedule and attend meetings with vendors and venues.  Most importantly I'm an advocate for the bride and groom and execute their mutually agreed upon and perfectly envisioned wedding day.  However on top of all that I have interns and assistants, team leads, social media management, blogging, website management, email management, accounting and finance, etc. All the "fun" aka not so fun responsibilities that come with owning your own business.


These two jobs are so different yet so alike.  What are my favorite parts? The relationship building and the magic that happens when something finally comes to life and my client in either situation says something like "Thank you so much for getting us here and through this project!" Or "We could not have had the wedding day we dreamed up without you here with us along theway!"  For me it's all about how relieved they are to know it is over and done and they didn't have to do it alone, I was there for them and they wanted me there for them. 


Lucky for me I love both my jobs and I love seeking, reaching high, and basically doing whatever I can or need to in order to successfully accomplish my job and help the client reach their desired outcomes and experiences.  I will finish our #LunchwithLail chat here but I'm leaving you with one of the many things that Elizabeth said in her book, "Big Magic", that will bridge you readers into part II later this week.  This quote resonated with me so very much and she said,

"Work with all your heart, because—I promise—if you show up for your work day after day after day after day, you just might get lucky enough some random morning to burst right into bloom." 



Jessica Lail

It's Your Day Wedding Coordinator, Harrisonburg, VA, USA