75/95 Pounds Down - July 2017 & November 2017

Okay first, yes I realize that I'm writing about July in November, but better late than never has and always will be a quote that I live by. 


Second, I did it! I hit my first big milestone after weight loss surgery. I even skipped over 50 lbs down because I zoomed right to....75 lbs down from March 27, 2017 to July 27, 2017.  HOW AMAZING is it that the tool I CHOSE to incorporate into my life has made such a huge impact in such little time? The weight loss is great but I have to tell you, it was NOT easy.  It required a lottttt of work and patience and effort.  I used timers to make sure I didn't eat too quickly or for too long.  I also measured and weighed my food.  I set timers to make sure I was staying hydrated and getting enough calories and nutrients.  It was a big shift in my life from always being on the go and eating whatever and whenever I wanted.  I also went from eating like 2500 calories a day to 600 give or take every day.  Again, like I said....drastic change and NOT easy! I wouldn't trade this for the world however, and if anyone has questions or concerns or wants to know more, I am an OPEN book.  Just email me or post below and I'm happy to engage.  

All that being said, I think celebrating weight loss throughout this journey is a big part of it however let's not forget non-scale victories, there are a LOT more of those! Here are my top 5 non-scale victories since my surgery in March.

  1. Wearing smaller clothes! I brought back my favorite workout shirt that says "Beast Mode, ON!"  
  2. No longer need prescription pain medication for my tired wedding day feet! YES prescription pain medication.  If you know me....I get 25k+ steps in on wedding days and had SEVERE (debilitating) plantar fasciitis, it was the worst.  HOORAY tylenol only for the win!  
  3. Being able to jog and exercise regularly - shoutout to Nik Rees Fitness - check him out on Instagram!!! 
  4. Fitting on roller coasters at amusement parks (I refused to go and be embarrassed last summer but this summer I went and had a BLAST.  A stress-free time!
  5. BEING and FEELING happy! I no longer have to fake it, because I genuinely feel amazing ya'll.  

Now what I'm sure you really want to check out, my before and after photos below from left to right you have pre-surgery, 2 months, and 4 months photos.  Check them out!  


Now I started writing this blog in September (I'm a little behind on content but in 2018 I'm already prepared with content to go so this doesn't happen, TAKE THAT 2018! haha) and so now that it's November here are a few additional updates.  I'm officially down 95 lbs.  My exercise has slowed as I have an ankle injury from repetitive injury and stress on my ligaments which are blown out - weight can do so much to your body even when you start to change it.  I need surgery and I went through a few dark days of frustration but now that I've accepted it, I'm working through ways to move forward and get up and out again.  Time wasted IS TIME WASTED ya'll.  Who has time for wasted time? Not me...   

Added Non Scale Victories:

  1. Crossing my legs
  2. Walking further distances 
  3. Down 6 clothing sizes (WHAT!!) 
  4. Sleeping better
  5. Overall joy and happiness that a physical weight has been lifted off my shoulders

Non scale victories are so much better than weight loss guys, seriously.  Health is so important and weight can be so damaging to your life and those who love you.  Do something now before it's too late, take my word for it!

On a more positive note, another updated side by side photo and both were taken by Katie Lea Photography.  One was last November 2016 and next to it was recently taken November 2017.  Thanks for capturing these moments Katie, for without you, I wouldn't have them to remember and treasure.   NOW IT IS TIME TO LOSE 5 MORE LBS and hit that 100 Milestone!!



XOXO,                                                                                                                                               Jessica 

Jessica Lail

It's Your Day Wedding Coordinator, Harrisonburg, VA, USA