List Maker at Heart

Hey ya'll, happy Friday!  This #lunchwithLail will be shorter today.  For the sake of time and for the sheer fact that I'm exhausted.  My first week back to work has been filled with phone calls, learning new things, re-learning old things, and wishing I lived in Spain where they took daily Siesta's from work.   This is seriously one of my favorite videos EVER in the internet world.  I feel like this girl more often than not because I run myself down until I seriously can't do anything but cry and nap. haha Work hard play hard is my life motto.  

Even though it's Friday, I don't get a weekend like everyone else might.  I have my 3rd out of 4 weddings for this month this weekend tomorrow.  I'm pumped because it's at a venue I've worked with before with vendors I've worked with before which makes for a much more efficient and flawless day.  I have like 50% less contingencies typically and a lot more confidence in how the day goes, because honestly, I can control a lot, but I can NOT control everything.   All that being said, I'm a list maker at heart.  Bottom line, without lists, I probably wouldn't survive life.  Have you heard of Trello? It's like an internet version of a list-makers dream.  However, that's not the only thing that helps me survive a wedding day/weekend/season.  

Here are some of my personal bottom-line MUST HAVE's in order to properly execute my wedding days.  

  • Online Tools: Trello, 17 Hats, Squarespace, Social Media 
  • My Team: They Rock and Roll and together we survive on water and free wedding cupcakes
  • My Virtual Assistant (LIFESAVER!)
  • Awesome Clients (and their families) who respect me and appreciate me and most importantly trust me and my team to handle everything for them.
  • Vendor Friends and Partnerships
  • Apple Watch (what did I do before this amazing tool existed in my life?)
  • iPhone (SERIOUSLY!  Camera, Timeline Backup, Phone,'s a lifeline!) 
  • WEDDING DAY TIMELINE (THIS IS GOLD, PAPER GOLD).  This is where my brain and the client(s) brains collide and form a baby called the Wedding Day timeline.
  • Bottled Water and String Cheese 
  • Pizza and Wine and a foot bath or my compression socks upon arriving home from a wedding day
  • Comfortable Shoes (Vionics, Bjorns, Sketchers Memory Foam, Birkenstocks, Brooks Tennis Shoes) and I change my shoes like 2-4 times on wedding days, because being active with my body isn't always ideal for foot comfort. 

That's pretty much #allthethings in a nutshell that I need in order to execute my job properly. There are so many unmentioned names and resources but these are the "bottom line" items. Since I'm a list maker, I could go on....forever, but these are the most important ones.  Are these close to what you thought they would be?? Do you think I forgot something? 

XOXO, Jessica 

P.S. Today's Lunch was steamed shrimp with old bay seasoning and some cheese.  What did you eat??

Jessica Lail

It's Your Day Wedding Coordinator, Harrisonburg, VA, USA