I'm All Ears for 2018

Guys! I’m going to be doing/adding a new blog series called TOP TEN TUESDAY in addition to an occasional Wedding Advice Wednesday and blogging about my weddings too! I’m planning for 2018 a little late(sue me). What are some things you want me to share? (Can be wedding related or not.)

Here’s my list so far...

Top Ten Tuesday:

❤️online wedding resources

❤️wedding venues

❤️coffee/tea drinks to make at home or order 

❤️time saving apps

❤️cities to visit

❤️business enhancing websites

❤️online influencers/motivation

Wedding Advice Wednesday:

💕cell phones (JUST STOP!)

💕chalkboards (ALSO not necessary!)

💕picking the right vendor(s)

💕budgets (and how to stick to them!)

💕choosing your bridal party

💕Family Involvement (womp womp)

💕It’s YOUR DAY! (be true to you!)

Misc Topics:

👍 2017 Wedding Superlatives 

👍 2016 Wedding Superlatives

👍 Favorite moments in IYD Wedding History

👍 The faces behind the IYD Magic (Interns & Assistants) 

👍 Guest Bloggers (I really want your ideas on this, who should I feature?!)

I’ve got lots more but what do the people want to see/know?! Share with me below!